About Fore Christ, INC

DR DeCarol Williamson was called into the ministry in 1974 through a powerful visitation of the Holy Spirit. The vision that he received was not only a call but also a commission to preach the gospel and to proclaim the Day of the Lord to all nations.

Through DR Williamson’s personal foundation, Fore Christ, Inc. he has traveled the world ministering and fulfilling that calling for the last thirty years. The Lord has opened doors through television, radio, and personal meetings to facilitate the vision. The FCN networks continue today as a means and medium as well as his personal travels and ministry.

Though the last fifteen years have mainly focused on international television and radio, DR Williamson believes that modern technologies are creating newer opportunities to reach more people with greater effectiveness.  The FCN Production Company located in Costa Rica is vigorously working on those opportunities.

For years DR Williamson has longed to meet and personally minister to the millions of viewers of the various networks. During this time of transition he is now taking advantage by setting up crusades and church meetings in various countries as opportunities present themselves.

DR. DeCarol Williamson

The President and Founder of